Mass and Shred Podcast: Episode 91: Ease Into a Lean Bulk

Tracy and Mike about bulking and Tracy has some great insights into how to carefully approach the bulking season in a clean bulking manner in order to add serious mass without increasing your body fat percentage too much.

Recipe of the Week: Protein Pumpkin Muffins

Exercise of the Week: Incline Bench Cable Crossover

Place the pulleys on a low position and grab a handle in each hand and lay down on the incline bench. Position your body in neutral alignment with your chest equidistant between the cable pulleys. Begin by extending your arms wide to your side. With your chest up, create a slight bend in your elbows and elevate your arms up simultaneously in an arcing motion until your hands are directly above your chest. Assure your arms stay slightly bent through the range of motion as the movement should occur only at the shoulder joint. Return your arms back down in a controlled motion down to shoulder level and repeat.

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