Mass and Shred Podcast: Episode 42: Biceps: How to Train the Biceps Properly

Tracy and Mike talk about how to train your biceps properly, safely and effectively for adding mass and for cutting. Topics covered including targeting the two heads of the biceps and which exercises are the best bicep exercises for adding mass and cutting. We also cover the common pitfalls of bicep training.

Recipe of the Week: Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

Exercise of the Week: Overhead Cable Curl

Now adjust the height of the pulleys on each side and make sure that they are positioned at a height higher than that of your shoulders.
Stand in the middle of both sides and use an underhand grip (palms facing towards the ceiling) to grab each handle. Your arms should be fully extended and parallel to the floor with your feet positioned shoulder width apart from each other. Your body should be evenly aligned the handles. This is the starting position.
While exhaling, slowly squeeze the biceps on each side until your forearms and biceps touch.
While inhaling, move your forearms back to the starting position. Note: Your entire body is stationary during this exercise except for the forearms.
Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions prescribed in your program.
This exercise can also be performed using one handle at a time.

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