Mass and Shred Podcast: Episode 31: Weight Lifting Goals: Part 3 of 3: Training For Endurance

Tracy and Mike continue their 3-part series on weight lifting goals and talk about Training For Endurance for this episode. Learn about typical sets and exercises that you would use when you are training for endurance as well as how you should approach cardio and your diet.

We also continue the 30 Day Plank Challenge. Find out how to take the challenge at and do it along with us.

Recipe of the Week: Roasted Cauliflower Mash

Exercise of the Week: Glute Ham Raise

Begin by adjusting the equipment to fit your body. Place your feet against the footplate in between the rollers as you lie facedown. Your knees should be just behind the pad.
Start from the bottom of the movement. Keep your back arched as you begin the movement by flexing the knees. Drive your toes into the foot plate as you do so. Keep your upper body straight, and continue until your body is upright.
Return to the starting position, keeping your descent under control.

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