Mass and Shred Podcast: Episode 25: Getting Back Into Fighting Shape – 30 Days to Eliminate the Holiday Bulge

Tracy and Mike talk about in-depth about Eliminating the Holiday Bulge. If you let the Holidays get the better of your diet, don’t sweat it. Tracy has a 30-day plan to get you back on track.

We also continue the 30 Day Burpee Challenge that we are running through January. Find out how to take the challenge at and do it along with us.

Recipe of the Week: Jay’s Banana Protein Pancakes

Exercise of the Week: Wall Slide

Stand with your back to the wall and your feet about eight inches away from it. Lean back into the wall and maintain contact between the wall and your head, hips, and back. With your hands over your head, press your forearms against the wall, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Slide your arms up the wall. Maintain contact the entire time.

Supplement of the Week: Neon Sport Volt

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