Mass and Shred Podcast: Episode 17: HIIT Training For Shredding and Adding Mass

Tracy and Mike talk about HIIT training and their benefits for shredding and adding mass. Topics discussed are the definition of HIIT training and how to use HIIT training for cardio benefits and for adding mass.

We also introduce the new Mass and Shred 30 Day Challenges. Starting December 1, 2013, we will begin the 30 Day Crunch Challenge. Find out how to take the challenge at and do it along with us.

Recipe of the Week: Egg White Burrito

Exercise of the Week: Body Up

1. Assume a plank position on the ground. You should be supporting your bodyweight on your toes and forearms, keeping your torso straight. Your forearms should be shoulder-width apart. This will be your starting position.
2. Pressing your palms firmly into the ground, extend through the elbows to raise your body from the ground. Keep your torso rigid as you perform the movement.
3. Slowly lower your forearms back to the ground by allowing the elbows to flex.
4. Repeat.

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