Mass and Shred Podcast: Episode 130: Arnold Schwarzenegger Approved Training Tips

Tracy and Mike about training tips from the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are going to learn about professional bodybuilding, or simply just muscle growth, there is no better place to get your information than Arnold himself.

Recipe of the Week: Protein Breakfast Pizza

Exercise of the Week: Standing One Leg Calf Raise

The 1 leg calf raise holding a dumbbell is a great exercise for working the calves at home without machines. Set up by grasping a dumbbell in your right hand and standing on the edge of a calf raise block or step with the balls of your feet on the edge.

Take your right leg and hook it behind your left.

Let your left heel drop as far as possible. This is the starting position.

Keeping your body straight and eyes facing forwards, raise your left heel up as far as possible.

Pause and squeeze the calf muscle, and then slowly lower your heal back down as far as possible.

Repeat for desired reps, and then repeat on the right leg.

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