Mass and Shred Podcast: Episode 12: Supersets For Adding Mass and Shredding

Tracy and Mike talk about supersets from a shredding perspective and from a mass building perspective. Topics include the benefits of supersets, when they should be used and how they should be used.

We also include our Recipe of the Week, our Read of the Week and our Quote of the Week.

Exercise of the Week: Upright Row

1. Grab the bar using a pronated (palms facing your thighs) grip that is slightly less than shoulder width. The bar should be resting on top of your thighs. Your arms should be extended with a slight bend at the elbows and your back should be straight. This will be your starting position.
2. Use your side shoulders to lift the bar as you exhale. The bar should be close to the body as you move them up. Continue to lift the bar until it nearly touches your chin. Tip: Your elbows should drive the motion. As you lift the handles, your elbows should always be higher than your forearms. Also, keep your torso stationary and pause for a second at the top of the movement.
3. Lower the bar back down slowly to the starting position. Inhale as you perform this portion of the movement.
4. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Variations: Straight bar, dumbbells, cable, bands

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