Tracy Woodard

Tracy Woodard

A little bit about me.  I started my journey into fitness about 5-years ago after a horrifying experience…looking in the mirror while not wearing a shirt.  One hot summer day I happened to be sitting on my bed, playing some Playstation and munching on some Twinkies when I heard my wife call my name.  As I stood up I happened to glance in the mirror, shirtless, with a Twinkie in my mouth and was none too pleased.  I made the decision at that point that something had to change.  I started to eat better and get more exercise; however nothing seemed to spark the change I was looking for.  Months passed and I continued to search for an answer, and that is when it happened:  a Sunday morning infomercial for P90X.  Fast forward 90-days and I was not only a graduate but also a believer in the program.  I had lost 26 lbs. of unwanted body fat and felt better than any other time in my life.

That was my first step into understanding what causes the body to change.  Since that time I have completed multiple Beachbody programs (P90X, Insanity, Les Mills Pump, Body Beast), ran my first ever 5k, and successfully completed two Tough Mudder races.  I am also a certified P90X instructor, an independent Beachbody coach, and studying to become NCSF certified as a personal trainer.

My passion is in understanding how the body works and using that knowledge to help others achieve their goals.  Most of the fitness routines I follow are centered around overall, functional fitness which means I normally don’t focus on size.  While I am all about gaining mass, my genetics and body type are more suited for shedding fat, adding definition, and improving cardiovascular fitness.  I enjoy it and it’s what I’m good at.

I am also very involved in nutrition as I am a firm believer that results are (at least) 80% diet, 20% exercise.  You can put in all the work you want, but if you aren’t eating the proper nutrients you might just be sabotaging your workouts.

In summary, I want to stress that this advice is for the everyday fitness enthusiast.  Anyone can achieve great results with a little hard work and dedication.  The question I have for you is are you committed or just interested?  The answer may surprise you.


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