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Tracy Woodard

A little bit about me.  I started my journey into fitness about 5-years ago after a horrifying experience…looking in the mirror while not wearing a shirt.  One hot summer day I happened to be sitting on my bed, playing some Playstation and munching on some Twinkies when I heard my wife call my name.  As I stood up I happened to glance in the mirror, shirtless, with a Twinkie in my mouth and was none too pleased.  I made the decision at that point that something had to change.  I started to eat better and get more exercise; however nothing seemed to spark the change I was looking for.  Months passed and I continued to search for an answer, and that is when it happened:  a Sunday morning infomercial for P90X.  Fast forward 90-days and I was not only a graduate but also a believer in the program.  I had lost 26 lbs. of unwanted body fat and felt better than any other time in my life.

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Mike Guerreiro

After a long break of an almost sedentary lifestyle, I have joined the land of the living again by regaining control of my health and life. My main focus is an overall fit lifestyle with a strong focus on weight training and bodybuilding.

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