30 Day Ab Crunch Challenge

Everyone wants toned abs and crunches are a great way to tone your upper abs. Performing this 30 Day Crunch Challenge will be a great way to strengthen and tone your upper abs and core. The 30 Day Crunch Challenge consists of only one exercise and a crunch can be done anywhere without the need for any special equipment.

Users Have Taken the Ab Crunch Challenge

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Day 1B
20 crunches
Day 2
25 crunches
Day 3
30 crunches
Day 4
35 crunches
Day 5
Day 6
40 crunches
Day 7
45 crunches
Day 8
50 crunches
Day 9
55 crunches
Day 10
Day 11
60 crunches
Day 12
65 crunches
Day 13
70 crunches
Day 14
75 crunches
Day 15
Day 16
80 crunches
Day 17
85 crunches
Day 18
90 crunches
Day 19
95 crunches
Day 20
Day 21
100 crunches
Day 22
105 crunches
Day 23
110 crunches
Day 24
115 crunches
Day 25
Day 26
120 crunches
Day 27
125 crunches
Day 28
130 crunches
Day 29
135 crunches
Day 30

Learn How to do a Proper Crunch

As with every exercise, proper form is crucial to a successful ab crunch. Doing a crunch the right way will target your upper abs and help you avoid injury to your lower back.

Take this 30 Day Crunch Challenge over and over again. If you find it too easy, start with 30 crunches instead of 20. If you find it too hard, split the daily challenge into multiple sets. The important part is that you do the full number of reps each day and that you increase each day and improve.

The 30 Day Crunch Challenge has been formulated to be helpful for novices and experts. The only thing that may change is the number of crunches that you perform per day.

Take the 30 Day Crunch Challenge today!